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Random Distribution dot Com presents THE DISTRO 1 PODCAST.  The show that covers a wide range of topics from across pop culture.  Everything from Movies, TV, Anime, Comic Books, Video Games, Role-Playing Games, T-Shirt designs, shout outs to Artists the world over and more!


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Justin is a Data warehousing developer(exactly as exciting as it sounds), avid gamer and overall dork-tastic human being with an appetite for good gaming sessions, good beer and good rowdy conversations.  Those things said the only logical next step was to start a podcast with a best friend where he can wax intellectual and share with the world the bewilderment that is his life.  https://twitter.com/justrivers

Seth “Fronz” Fronzoli is a comic book writer best known for his work on the sci-fi/paranormal/adventure comic “Explorers of the Unknown” (http://weirdlings.com/eotu) with series creator Shawn Atkins. He caught the podcast bug while co-hosting the now retired segment “Back Issue Binge” (http://www.audioshocker.com/tag/back-issue-binge).  He also spent a few stints as a co-host on the indie comics podcast “Sequential Underground” also from www.Audioshocker.com.